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We have supported product strategy for our clients across all product life stages – from early pre-commercialization through to loss of exclusivity – to aid in the development of strategies to maximize product value. To this end, our engagements have explored numerous product strategy opportunities, including regional expansion, partnership and copromotion, and expanded approval.

Our Offerings

Our Offerings

We offer a range of services to support product strategy, from opportunity analysis and commercialization strategy to loss-of-exclusivity planning

New Product and Commercialization Strategy 

Market Analysis (Size, Segmentation, Growth, Drivers) 

Product Positioning, Competitive Strategy, and Revenue Forecasting

Analog and Scenario Analysis 

Brand Planning and Management 

Loss of Exclusivity Strategies 

Case Study

A specialty pharmaceutical company’s new product planning group was seeking to integrate discovery, commercial, and new business development perspectives into their central nervous system (CNS) market strategy.

Case Study:

New Product Planning and CNS Market Strategy Development

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