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Brooks Hill’s roots are based in traditional life science consulting and venture capital, with multiple decades of experience at larger institutions. Throughout this period, we noticed certain trends with client engagements and closed investments—operating preferences which prioritized near-term profitability over access to innovation, maximizing utilization of tactical services or off-the-shelf solutions to increase the bottom line, strict criteria on stage or valuation preventing earlier investment opportunities. As we wondered whether these trends were a requirement, we began to envision something truly new and truly differentiated...


A consulting company building long-term relationships with our clients, focused on adding strategic value instead of maximizing margins; one where everything is built from the ground up and truly customized to ensure we’re delivering exactly what is needed. An investment company that fundamentally understands what the manufacturers, payers, and providers want out of innovation. One that wouldn’t be constrained by thesis criteria, fund raises, or LP guidelines but instead able to capitalize on its own analytical rigor and expertise. In 2018 we founded Brooks Hill Partners and set out to build the company that we had envisioned.


Brooks Hill provides critical support during the development, pre-commercial, and growth stages. We believe that our clients and portfolio companies benefit most when strategies are shaped by sound data, tailored to each situation, and designed with execution in mind. Our process enables our clients to build more capable organizations, capitalize on available opportunities, and secure lasting results. This customized approach combines targeted insights into market, company, and competitive dynamics through consistent collaboration to create and implement unique and sustainable solutions. Our mission is to become the trusted long-term partner to our clients and portfolio companies by integrating dedication and commitment with industry expertise and diverse capabilities.

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