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Our investment and consulting work require us to stay up to date on novel healthcare technologies. By leveraging industry knowledge, market research, and competitive analysis, we continually update our Health Tech Innovation Atlas (HTIA) Library for key sectors located at the intersection of healthcare and technology. Built from the ground-up using comprehensive research and industry knowledge, each HTIA provides an innovative, future-facing, detailed map of a health tech vertical. Explore previews of HTIAs for the sectors below, from extended reality, to 3D bioprinting, to drug discovery.


Our full HTIAs include market insights and dynamics, detailed sector and sub-sector descriptions, and companies (from early-stage to established) differentiated by segment. If you are interested in obtaining an underacted HTIA of a sector, in customizing an existing HTIA based on specific criteria, or in receiving an HTIA for a new sector, please contact us below.

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