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We provide corporate strategy support to our client’s senior executives in the identification, evaluation, and creation of value, corporate direction, and opportunities across business units.  By partnering closely with our clients and key stakeholders, we ensure that our research process is always tailored to the specific needs of the request, thereby enabling our clients to have confidence in actionable, data-driven insights to fine-tune their corporate strategy.

Our Offerings

We offer a range of services to support corporate strategy decisions, from identifying new business opportunities to optimizing current portfolios

Strategic Growth Planning

Portfolio and Pipeline Optimization

New Business Opportunity Identification

Therapeutic Area and Brand Assessment

Detailed Analysis of Market and Competitor Position

Case Study

A public biopharma company with a number of development level products was interested in better understanding the intrinsic value of their portfolio leading into the long-range planning period, future financing activities, and upcoming earnings calls and board meetings.

Case Study:

Forecasting, Valuation, and Corporate Strategy

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