The Brooks Hill Partners team draws from a vast array of expertise in order to customize our solutions to problems that involve complex interactions of all healthcare stakeholders, from patient to payer and board room to bench

Our approach utilizes targeted insights into market, company, and competitive dynamics with a consistently collaborative process to create and implement unique and sustainable solutions


  Corporate Strategy

Brooks Hill Partners provides support to our client’s senior executives in the identification, evaluation, and creation of value, corporate direction, and opportunities across business units. Corporate strategy engagements consist of


  • Strategic growth planning

  • Therapeutic area and brand assessment

  • New business opportunity identification

  • Detailed analysis of market and competitor position

  • Portfolio and pipeline optimization

 Case Study

Cross brand corporate strategy development

A medium-sized biopharmaceutical company was interested in developing an integrated corporate strategy. The company needed a detailed understanding of their current product capabilities, utilization, revenue and growth drivers, pipeline product development or divestment opportunities, and analysis of potential external partnerships that may address any unmet needs or access to further innovation or infrastructure.


  New or Existing Product Strategy

Regardless of product stage, from early precommercialization through to loss of exclusivity, the Brooks Hill Partners team has worked with clients to aid in the development of strategies to maximize product value. Product strategy engagements include


  • New product and commercialization strategy

  • Opportunity identification and evaluation

  • Market analysis (size, segmentation, growth, drivers)

  • Product positioning and competitive strategy

  • Revenue forecasting

  • Analog and scenario analysis

  • Brand planning and management

  • Loss of exclusivity strategies

 Case Study

New CNS product and franchise growth strategy development

The new product planning group of a medium-sized specialty pharmaceutical company was seeking to integrate discovery, clinical, commercial, and new business development perspectives in identifying and optimizing a CNS market strategy.


The Brooks Hill Partners team has had experience on both sides of the investment table, working with multi-national corporations looking to license or acquire an asset to build their portfolio, enter a new market, or avoid a patent cliff. We have also worked with venture backed start-ups searching for, and evaluating, potential partnerships. Investment strategy projects include


  • Define strategic investment objectives

  • Evaluate investment opportunities

  • Stakeholder unmet needs/gap analysis

  • Identify and analyze L&A targets

  • Commercial due diligence and valuation

  Investment Strategy

  • New or adjacent indication assessment and prioritization

  • Deal module construction, evaluation, and scenario analysis

 Case Study

In-depth due diligence, deal term analysis, and strategic support for a revolutionary drug partnership

A venture backed pharmaceutical company had been approached by multiple potentially interested, significantly larger, companies looking to in-license their drug, currently in development. The company was interested in evaluating and prioritizing disease indications, creating risk adjusted deal-term models, and running strategy scenarios in preparation for future partnership discussions​.


  Technology and Innovation Strategy

The healthcare market is constantly evolving and technology convergence is disrupting the landscape,  creating new opportunities and challenges for both emerging and established companies. The team at Brooks Hill Partners has worked with clients to analyze and implement mechanisms that add value beyond the standalone product, and drive growth through wrap-around and disruptive technological innovation. Technology and innovation strategy engagements include


  • Healthcare Information Technology, mHealth, and Digital Health strategy

  • Market and workflow gaps and unmet needs

  • "Beyond the Pill" innovation identification

 Case Study

"Beyond the Pill" analysis of patient support systems and innovative wrap-around services

A mega-cap pharmaceutical company was interested in better understanding each stakeholder’s workflows and buyer values through treatment, as well as identifying targeted wrap-around and transformative innovations, that could represent partnership or acquisition opportunities, for building technology enabled services and resources.

  • Market, product, and company segmentation and analysis

  • Technology solutions opportunity and/or threat assessment


  Reimbursement and Market Access Strategy

An expanded universe of stakeholders, including payers, policy makers, physicians, and patients, all share in the responsibility for defining the clinical, economic, and societal value of today’s revolutionary new treatments. The Brooks Hill Partners team has worked with clients in order to provide a better understanding of the current and potential future landscape in order to better align, support, and demonstrate evidence of product value to ensure commercial adoption and excellence. Reimbursement and market access strategy projects consist of

  • Pre- and post-launch reimbursement strategy

  • Payer segmentation analysis

  • Payer and organized provider value proposition development and testing

  • Value message framework construction

  • Rigorous competitive simulation workshops

  • Burden of illness identification and assessment

  • Coverage and access trends

 Case Study

Development of strategic payer insights on drug treatment value for a commercialization strategy

A biopharmaceutical company had a novel pre-commercial therapeutic and understood that the construction of payer coverage policies was a critical factor in determining access to their product. The company was interested in understanding various payer perspectives on coverage decision making, current treatment perceptions, value messages, unmet needs, and how they may be incorporated into the launch strategy.