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Our industry reports leverage in-depth research into market dynamics, competitive landscape, technological innovations, cutting-edge applications, and more to develop comprehensive sector analyses. We pride ourselves on delivering unique and sustainable reports that guide our investment and consulting work. Make sure to check out our Health Tech Innovation Atlas' for an even deeper dive into our areas of interest.

Industry Reports
3D Bioprinting
X Ray 3D Printer

3D Bioprinting

On a mission to create a human lung using living cells, 3D Systems acquired two up-and-coming 3D bioprinting companies, Allevi and Volumetric, in 2021. Notably, these innovations and transactions are hardly outliers. Within the past five years, there has been marked development in the 3D bioprinting space, with mergers, acquisitions, and fundraising activity in full swing alongside rapid technological advancement.

Woman in VR Room

Healthcare in the Metaverse

[Extended Reality]

As a proposed evolution of the internet, the metaverse could play a major role in the outlook of many industries across the economy. Accordingly, we must look forward with a critical eye at how the technology of tomorrow may reshape healthcare – an industry traditionally defined by its risk aversion and conservative uptake of technology. 


Gene Therapy

Gene therapy is an innovative and rapidly growing treatment modality, poised to redefine how diseases of all types are treated over the coming decades.  With an annual compounded market growth rate greater than 20% through 2030, such paradigm-shifting innovation in gene therapy has attractive market potential.

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