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Healthcare technology

innovation atlas

Brooks Hill’s investment and consulting work require us to be both up to date on the adoption and successful implementation of these technologies, but also to understand the various current and future market dynamics, participants, and downstream strategic implications. In order to achieve this we have developed the Brooks Hill Partners Healthcare Technology Innovation Atlas (HTIA). A multi-dimensional and interactive map that provides detailed insights into key areas across healthcare technology verticals.


Markets that are currently included within the HTIA consist of:

The HTIA is a powerful tool that has the ability to capture and relay information that will inform our industry clients, portfolio companies, internal investment decisions, and other key stakeholders within the healthcare market. 

A partial output from the HTIA for the Software Enabled Clinical Trial market sectors can be found below. If you are interested in obtaining an unredacted version of this market, or are interested in receiving an Atlas for another market sector please contact one of the members of the Brooks Hill Partners team at

Disease Prevention

Drug Discovery

Drug Development


Technology Enabled Treatment

Hospital Intervention & Workflow

Payer Focused Technologies

Outcomes Assessment

Disease Management

Healthcare Tech 3.0

Indication Specific Technologies